Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

Last week my computer broke which made me very upset and really unable to read anything at all. I’ve wanted to read something written by Mindy Kaling for a long time. I’m a big fan of the two TV shows that she helped create, The Office and The Mindy Project. I also think she may be one of the funniest women on television.

22716447In the sea of famous people who write their autobiographies,  there are a few of them that are actually interesting to read. I would probably skip every single book written by a star of a reality TV show or a fashion designer or an actor whose biggest success was being pretty but I would gladly read about women who struggled in Hollywood.

This is a collection of essays, each one represents a certain time in Mindy’s life, starting from the time she was hired to write for her most famous TV show. Since this is a book of essays, each story is actually a smart insight into the world of Hollywood stars and especially those who are behind the camera. Mindy still manages to be funny and witty while talking about racism, sexism and the big pressure of society.

Mindy Kaling’s voice is very unique. She’s not always politically correct, she’s not what people expect her to be, she’s not here to please you. She made her way in the industry with her own talents and her writing was funny, original and always interesting.


The Virgin Suicides

Last week a couple of people recommended a new TV show to me. Its name is “13 reasons why” and it’s a Netflix show based on a book of the same name. Now I haven’t read the book before, but I’ve heard that it’s a story about the suicide of a teenage girl and how it affected everyone in her life. Sure, that story seems pretty interesting, only I remembered that the title is “13 reasons why” and I wondered… could it be that someone really wrote a suicide story and explained it with 13 reasons? Sadly I was right.

Now I’m not here to talk about that TV show. In fact, if you want to watch it, I can tell you that the acting is good and that there’s a suicide scene that may not be easy to see. But this TV show made me read a book I wanted to read for a long time (I’ve seen the movie a lot of times). The subject is similar, of course, it’s a story about teen suicides only this time there are no 13 or even a 100 reasons why… The story is much more complex than that.

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BOOK REVIEW: Now I Rise by Kiersten White

Rezultat slika za bran castle source

I’m in a probably biggest reading slump in recent years but finally I’ve managed to finish the book I was really looking forward to. For all of you who don’t know, Now I Rise is the second part of The Conqueror’s Saga and the first part, And I Darken was one of the most talked about books last year, which is well deserved, really.

Now this is (partly) historical fiction and it tells a story of Vlad Tepes’ children, his  daughter Lada and his son Radu. The author mentions many many times that this is a work of fiction and you must keep that in mind because even though her father was an inspiration for Dracula, Lada didn’t have a role in history that’s even close to the one she is said to have in this book. The author simply decided to make a female character who could have been a historical figure and it’s glorious.

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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I’ll admit one thing – Neil Gaiman is on of the writers I trust completely. If he decides to write anything I’ll probably not only read it but buy a copy as soon as it’s translated to my language. It’s not that I love everything that he’s written, no, I was actually left unsatisfied more than once after reading his stories but the truth is – if you’re a fantasy lover, you will have problems with finding someone who writes better than Gaiman.

30831912 There are a couple of reasons why I was a bit unhappy when I heard that he’s writing a retelling of Norse myths.  The first reason is, well, it’s not his original story. Now if you’ve read his The Sleeper and the Spindle you’ll know that he can write an interesting retelling (this one is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White), but I usually like his original stories more (especially The Graveyard Book). The second reason has something to do with recent adaptations of Norse myths (in Marvel movies or in the TV show Vikings). There are actually many stories inspired by Norse myths and while I actually find many other mythologies more fascinating, people keep using the same old stories. The third reason may seem absurd but it is what it is – sometimes it’s really hard to read a long book with many characters if you’re not an English speaker and given that not many people are interested to read these stories in my area it may never be translated or very late this year. This is why I waited for a long time to get this book and finally I got an audiobook! And trust me, you too want Neil Gaiman to read to you.

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“Adulthood Is a Myth” by Sarah Andersen

As an adult you really don’t get much more fun than when you’re reading books about how to be an adult. The truth is – adulthood is messy and no fun at all and you better try laughing at it while you still can.

25855506 This is a funny little collection of thoughts and scribbles about small aspects of adult life that you’ve never been able to find funny before. For those people who are yet to become adults and find that terrifying – they should read this book and change their minds. For adults, well, we can all at least laugh at life when it smacks us right in our faces.

This is only a first part of graphic novel series that is fun and smart and just amazing. I recommend it to everyone who just needs a break from life.

“Openly Straight” and “Honestly, Ben” by Bill Konigsberg

I’ve mentioned before these books, well the first one especially since the sequel is just out. This is one of the coming of age books I used to like a lot (even if I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads).

                                                            This is actually a story about the growing up of two guys. What’s interesting it’s that the 16100972author decided not to show a version of the world (not completely realistic) where it’s completely okay to be gay. The main characters are Rafe (the first book is from his POV) and Ben (the second book is from his POV). You may find strange, these two voices, they seem like very grown up people, I know I did, but it was also very interesting and a nice change.


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BOOK REVIEW: Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera

What’s a better way to finish my Woman’s History Month Reading List than with a novel about a lesbian woman of colour? There isn’t one, truly. For a month I’ve been trying to ignore my growing list of books written by men (Gaiman’s Norse Mythology among them!) and to give space to women’s voices in literature. It was really hard but it really made me think how I should do things like this more often.


A couple of years ago if you’d like to read a book about lesbians you’d have to search very hard or just end up with Sappho who wrote around 600 years BC! Today we have a growing list of queer authors and authors who write queer characters The world is finally starting to understand why not only queer people but everyone else too needs to see different sexualities represented in media. And I use queer here to talk only about lesbian, gay and bisexual people, although we who use that word have had some annoying setbacks recently. 

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Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice

the story adaptation by Stacy King ,

art by Po Tse

written, of course, by Jane Austen

21433253I’m always looking for new adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, it doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or a TV show or just novel about girls obsessed with Mr. Darcy. There are thousands of versions of this story and I’ve been through most of them.

I’ve always been a fan of manga, mostly because it’s an interesting way to read a story and the drawings are more often than not, really impressive. So this adaptation is like made for me.

If you’re looking for a way to make your children, students or friends read a classic they probably wouldn’t read by themselves, you can give manga classics a shot. Of course, if you’re a teacher, don’t expect your kids to go with any written version, they may just watch the movie.

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“This Book Is Gay” by James Dawson


 22074335 I’m finally starting some books I wanted to read for quite some time. These are mostly some YA novels and fantasy books which take up a lot of time. Also there’s this non-fiction book with quite a title and you know, a promise of important things. This is The Gay Book, something you probably won’t be reading in public because, you know, someone else nearby will not be happy. But then again, if you’re straight you should read this book in a bar or in the park, somewhere where a lot of people can see you. You’ll get a taste of what is like to be gay and out and this is why you’re probably reading this…Right?


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“My Cousin Rachel” by Daphne du Maurier

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When you mention a gothic romance and a dark romance tale I’ll admit, I’m already hooked. The novel “Rebecca” By the same author may be one of my favorite stories so I was happy to read this one. This book is certainly not that good. Sadly.


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