BOOK REVIEW: A Witch’s Kitchen by Dianna Sanchez

Number of pages: 170 
Published September 25th 2016

This is one of the books I decided to read so they can put me in a Halloween mood. In one of my previous posts I’ve written about my favorite books about magic and this month I’m going to probably add some more.


Millie is a witch, a daughter of the witch and the first one of her kind to go to school. But she’s special and it’s because it seems her magic doesn’t work quite right, for example, she turned their house spirit into a frog and she can’t reverse the magic with a kiss. 

This was a really interesting book to read.

First of all, this is a children’s book. It’s written for young teenagers and older children and I didn’t quite catch that when I started reading. My bad. But did I enjoy it? Hell yeah!

This is a book about magic and magical creatures but it’s also a story about unloved children trying to find friends and their place in the world. Millie, short for Ludmila (I loved how the witches had Eastern European names!), loves to cook and for a while it looks like the only magic she can make is for the kitchen. The other witches hate that, her mother ignores her, she doesn’t have any friends despite being a really sweet eleven year old girl. But she’s also smart and kind and she likes everyone and soon she finds a way to win everyone’s hearts.

I love the message of this book. I love how it teaches children they don’t have to fit in to be wonderful and that it’s more important to be a good friend than the most feared creature in the Realm. I usually don’t like mixing the real world with the magical world but here it was done good. I also have to mention that the author being Latina brings a lot to the story too, especially in the end.

I would recommend this book for mothers who have daughters, I think they’d love this as a bedtime story. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

*I received this ebook on NetGalley and I give it my honest review.


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