BOOK REVIEW: Boy Meets Witch by G.A.Rael

 Expected publication: November 17th 2016

October is almost ended and I went to my first pre-Halloween Halloween party last night (I was a 1950s American girl who wants to be an actress).That also means that I’m almost done with my WITCH MONTH reading and I’m a bit sad since I love the witches a lot.

Last night I finished Hallow City which left me a bit disappointed. Meanwhile I got a book I’ve been looking for a long time and that will make keeping up with my November theme even harder since I need to read it soon. But more on that later.

Boy Meets Witch is a book I chose to read since it fitted my October theme and I liked the description a lot. This is the story about a 24 year old girl named Harper Adams who comes to a small town running from her past. She is a witch which means she can help other people but something in her past keeps her from doing so…


First thing you’ll probably notice when you start reading is that this is not a teenage love story and there’s no boy as the main character since every male character is much older than what you’d usually consider a boy. The next thing is: this is a pretty realistic story for a witch story. What I mean by that? Well, if you remove the magical elements you’d get a story about a girl who comes to a weird small town and gets undeserved hate from everyone who doesn’t like to see their town changed. We’ve read that story a lot of times mostly because it’s such an usual thing for someone who lives in a small town where nobody will mind their own business.

We only get to know Harper’s life story later and she really does have a dark past. At the beginning she’s desperately trying to blend in, she goes to parties and she’s being set up by every woman in town. She’s a normal girl with a tragic past for everyone else and she doesn’t want to be her true self even if it means risking someone’s life.  That’s how she meets a tall, dark and handsome doctor (whom I immediately hated and was forced to keep up with since he’s important to the story).

When she does help some people she is forced to deal with much bigger things that she ever wanted to.

This book didn’t have the atmosphere I always need from books about magic. I didn’t care much about the characters and I didn’t really care about the romance. I think this will be a much better choice for someone who’s looking for some romance novel with a side-magic and mystery. Not for me though.

This book will be out in November.

*I received this book on  from the NetGalley and the publisher and I gave it my honest review. Thanks for sharing!


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