BOOK REVIEW: Legacy of the Lynx by Clio Gray

Number of pages: 368

Expected publication: November 24th 2016 by Urbane Publications


These days are particularly hard for me because of all the stress I’m facing in my life. I was trying to read but my mind was on other things. Today is the day when Donald Trump became president of the United States and I was just thinking how it’s really important to stand with minorities in this time of need. It will influence my reading also, I don’t know yet how.

Back to this book of adventure!


I must admit that I was intrigued by this book because of its cover. It’s really pretty, isn’t it? Reminds me of those old books that were very decorated to make the readers imagine story much easier. The author, Clio Gray, is the winner of many awards for a short story and the author of many crime novels.

The story starts with a letter written by Golo Eck in which he explains the point of his life’s pursuit – to find the Library of the Lynx, the long-lost knowledge which is also his herritage. After that we follow Golo and his companions, Ruan and Fergus on their voyage in to Holland, Ireland and beyond, to keep their promises and to find the long lost treasure.

                          “The man I work for, ” Fergus began, “is called Golo Eck. His great aim in life is to                              resurrect a society started by one of his ancestors, a democratic, sharing society to                                   promote new science across Europe.”

The members of the group are separated very quickly when it’s discovered that there’s someone who’s trying to stop Golo from finishing his task. Ruan is then left alone. He is forced to find unlikely friends as he’s lost without Golo. Fergus has come to his home place, Ireland, divided by those who want rebellion, where a wrong word can get you killed. His story makes it possible for the narrator to talk about a specific time in Irish history. Here he meets Greta who becomes his guide trough the world he knows little about.

The language of this novel was pretty hard for a non-native English speaker. The language corresponds to the time in which the novel is set and that’s the XVIII century. I needed to consult my dictionary more than once, which I am always glad to (unless I’m on my bus, using Kindle and there’s no Wi-Fi). This is also a crime story, with much less action than I was used to since there’s no rush of the modern world.

There’s not too much insight into the private life of these characters because the only thing that really matters is the mystery and how it’s resolved. That’s also the main reason I’ve given this book three stars.

This is a book with a very traditional theme and much like in every book of adventure the point was never what the end of the journey brings but the journey itself. It’s about a search for knowledge that will unite a divided world and it’s a noble cause. It is also a story about the search for freedom.

This is the book for lovers of the crime genre who are tired of the books that are published lately and want something different but still fast-pacing and interesting. The herritage that Golo mentions in the beginning has a historical background and is quite interesting for those who want to know more about the evolution of the science from the earliest times.

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*I received this book on NetGalley and gave it my honest review. Thanks for sharing!


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