BOOK REVIEW: Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency by Susan Breen

29776867Published November 8th 2016 by Alibi

If you’re like me and you used to love Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple as much as her more famous detective, I think you might enjoy this book.

Don’t make the same mistake that I’ve made – this is the second book about Maggie Dove. I did not know that so I started reading and I think I did ok, considering that I’ve never read the first book. There’s a lot of talk about past events so, if you haven’t read the first book, you may understand this one just fine.

Maggie Dove is an older lady with a tragic past who has a detective agency and a partner who also makes decisions in that agency. She had some luck solving mysteries in the first book and this is why she tries to make a business out of her talents. Why would she think that it’s a good idea to make a detective agency in a small village is not really clear to me but it somehow works. Maggie is also an ex-teacher and in a Sunday school no less. That explains some religious motives right on the start. And her first job is – to stop a girl who just may be the Devil.

I enjoyed this as a fan of mystery novels driven by female characters and also as a fan of mystery stories that include elements from Christian religion. Those of you who have a similar taste may just enjoy it too.

*I received this book on NetGalley and gave it my honest review. Thanks for sharing!


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