Carrie Fisher’s autobiographies

One of the worst things that happened last year was the death of the actress Carrie Fisher and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds. They were both great artists and amazing humans and the world is a worse place without them.


 Carrie Fisher was, of course, known for her role in “Star Wars” as the legendary princess Leia. But many people only then found out that she’s also a great writer and an active speaker about mental health. She was suffering from bipolar disorder for years. The experience she had with dealing with that disorder, along with the troubles in family and work  gave her enough material to write at least three autobiographies.

I don’t read that many autobiographies. Too often they turn out to be a disappointment. What do people look for in an autobiography, anyway? If you’re asking me I’d say: honesty and a creative way of telling about the events in life that may not be of historic importance. Carrie writes about her hard life with so much humor that you can’t help falling in love with her and her books.


The fist Carrie’s book I’ve read was “Wishful Drinking” and it was a good choice cause it’s about her whole life, from the moment her very famous parents decided to marry and separate to when she had her daughter and that daughter grew up. We all sometimes say for someone: They have seen it all! but in Carrie Fisher’s case that’s probably true. First she was a daughter of very famous parents who had an even more famous break up (because of Elizabeth Taylor no less!). Then she was an actress in a movie which was probably the most legendary movie project to happen in the 20th century. And then she was hospitalized for using drugs and alcohol, with illness that could not be cured, only “managed”.

Carrie talks mainly about the events that marked her life and how she dealt with them. Also, in this book there are photographs never seen before and they shine a light on some events we all wanted to know more about. From her early days Carrie learned how important is for people to know about celebrity lives. It ruined some things for her but she never let that be a defeat.


 The most famous  part of Carrie’s life is in her latest book, “The Princess Diarist”, which talks about something we suspected before, her love story with Harrison Ford. These are pages from her diary, very different from everything she’s written before. The book was published in the right time, too late to be just a gossip and just in time where the old fans to remember the golden age of their favorite movie trilogy.

“Postcards from the Edge” is a very different story. This is a story about the actress Susan Vale who was hospitalized for her drug addiction. This is not really an autobiography but it’s very much a Carrie story because she used her own experience to talk about all these people who were addicted and alone.

Celebrity lives are interesting to us because they live a life we could never imagine to live. Carrie’s life was never a “normal” one. Her story deserved to be told. Even if you’re not interested in autobiographies, you’ll probably enjoy this one.


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