BOOK REVIEW: Now I Rise by Kiersten White

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I’m in a probably biggest reading slump in recent years but finally I’ve managed to finish the book I was really looking forward to. For all of you who don’t know, Now I Rise is the second part of The Conqueror’s Saga and the first part, And I Darken was one of the most talked about books last year, which is well deserved, really.

Now this is (partly) historical fiction and it tells a story of Vlad Tepes’ children, his  daughter Lada and his son Radu. The author mentions many many times that this is a work of fiction and you must keep that in mind because even though her father was an inspiration for Dracula, Lada didn’t have a role in history that’s even close to the one she is said to have in this book. The author simply decided to make a female character who could have been a historical figure and it’s glorious.

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“Openly Straight” and “Honestly, Ben” by Bill Konigsberg

I’ve mentioned before these books, well the first one especially since the sequel is just out. This is one of the coming of age books I used to like a lot (even if I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads).

                                                            This is actually a story about the growing up of two guys. What’s interesting it’s that the 16100972author decided not to show a version of the world (not completely realistic) where it’s completely okay to be gay. The main characters are Rafe (the first book is from his POV) and Ben (the second book is from his POV). You may find strange, these two voices, they seem like very grown up people, I know I did, but it was also very interesting and a nice change.


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BOOK REVIEW: Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera

What’s a better way to finish my Woman’s History Month Reading List than with a novel about a lesbian woman of colour? There isn’t one, truly. For a month I’ve been trying to ignore my growing list of books written by men (Gaiman’s Norse Mythology among them!) and to give space to women’s voices in literature. It was really hard but it really made me think how I should do things like this more often.


A couple of years ago if you’d like to read a book about lesbians you’d have to search very hard or just end up with Sappho who wrote around 600 years BC! Today we have a growing list of queer authors and authors who write queer characters The world is finally starting to understand why not only queer people but everyone else too needs to see different sexualities represented in media. And I use queer here to talk only about lesbian, gay and bisexual people, although we who use that word have had some annoying setbacks recently. 

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“This Book Is Gay” by James Dawson


 22074335 I’m finally starting some books I wanted to read for quite some time. These are mostly some YA novels and fantasy books which take up a lot of time. Also there’s this non-fiction book with quite a title and you know, a promise of important things. This is The Gay Book, something you probably won’t be reading in public because, you know, someone else nearby will not be happy. But then again, if you’re straight you should read this book in a bar or in the park, somewhere where a lot of people can see you. You’ll get a taste of what is like to be gay and out and this is why you’re probably reading this…Right?


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BOOK REVIEW: “The Edge of the Abyss” by Emily Skrutskie

The Edge of the Abyss (The Abyss Surrounds Us, #2)

A couple of days ago I’ve written a post about “The Abyss Surrounds us” which is the first part of this duology. I’ve also recently read a review by a girl who has never read the first book and still understood everything. I agree with that. You can very well start with this book although you’d probably miss out on a lot of great character development. I still stand by what I’ve written when I finished the first book: this is a great book for lovers of fantasy, lesbians and those who really need some main non-white characters.

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Abyss Surrounds Us ” by Emily Skrutskie

24790901Last year this little book cause quite a stir and I was  lucky enough to be there at the right place and time. I actually found it on NetGalley and after reading the description I knew it was the right book for me. Now this story is already known as “the one with the lesbian pirates” and even though that’s an oversimplification, it’s quite catchy and it brings more audience and that’s really important too. Before I start writing about the sequel I feel like I should say something about the first book too. If you haven’t read the book, continue with caution and then…go read the book.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


I wanted to read this book so badly that, after I got a free copy on NetGalley, I actually thought I was dreaming. The reason behind this is pretty simple: I am a big fan of this author’s most famous work and, while I’m waiting for a sequel, I was more than excited to read something new by this author.

Short review: I loved it. Ari and Dante are still closer to my heart but I loved Salvador, Sam and Fito too.

Longer review after the read more. Serious spoilers too.


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 Sexuality and gender identity is something we’re finally talking about more so that the next generations have it easier than we did. It’s not a rare thing these days to pick up a book and find out that some characters are gay (without that being promoted too much) and it’s even easier to find some good studies about different sexualities and understanding of gender. Even with all that, this books is really interesting because it’s about lesbians but not your typical lesbians, in fiction anyway.


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Rereading “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


There has been a requirement, for quite some time, among the LGBT readers for books about LGBT characters to have interesting characters and  a happy ending. For those who don’t belong to the community it probably looks absurd: why would a book need to have a happy ending?  The ending should fit the story. The truth is, even though I studied literature for years and know a thing or two about the logical conclusion of the story, I too need these books to have a happy ending. In a world where it’s still very much possible for your family members to turn their back on you because you love who you love different works of fiction are often life saving.

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A story of a trans superhero: Dreadnought by April Daniels


Metahumans are getting more and more popular. Just start with X-Men movies and comics and the new popular Tv shows like The Flash and Supergirl. Of course, the story about their superpowers and all the fights is exciting but the viewers are even more interested in their human struggles. Metahumans are perceived as monsters, half human, unnatural. They have a hard time fitting into “normal” life and it’s almost impossible for them to find love. But what happens when even in that world there’s someone who is not accepted?

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