“This Book Is Gay” by James Dawson


 22074335 I’m finally starting some books I wanted to read for quite some time. These are mostly some YA novels and fantasy books which take up a lot of time. Also there’s this non-fiction book with quite a title and you know, a promise of important things. This is The Gay Book, something you probably won’t be reading in public because, you know, someone else nearby will not be happy. But then again, if you’re straight you should read this book in a bar or in the park, somewhere where a lot of people can see you. You’ll get a taste of what is like to be gay and out and this is why you’re probably reading this…Right?


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BOOK REVIEW: The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


I wanted to read this book so badly that, after I got a free copy on NetGalley, I actually thought I was dreaming. The reason behind this is pretty simple: I am a big fan of this author’s most famous work and, while I’m waiting for a sequel, I was more than excited to read something new by this author.

Short review: I loved it. Ari and Dante are still closer to my heart but I loved Salvador, Sam and Fito too.

Longer review after the read more. Serious spoilers too.


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A story of a trans superhero: Dreadnought by April Daniels


Metahumans are getting more and more popular. Just start with X-Men movies and comics and the new popular Tv shows like The Flash and Supergirl. Of course, the story about their superpowers and all the fights is exciting but the viewers are even more interested in their human struggles. Metahumans are perceived as monsters, half human, unnatural. They have a hard time fitting into “normal” life and it’s almost impossible for them to find love. But what happens when even in that world there’s someone who is not accepted?

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